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What is the process of business cooperation

If you are interested in cooperating with us, you can contact us for the first step of the demand negotiation. Our overall cooperation process is as follows:

1. Demand negotiation
You only need to do:
  • Clarify product requirements
We provide you with:
  • One-to-one communication with project managers
  • Based on industry analysis and project experience, provide consulting suggestions
  • Introduce services and propose feasible solutions
  • Confirm product definitions

2. Technical docking:
You only need to do:
  • Product, technical interface
  • Docking with our technicians
We provide you with:
  • Select technology and provide Feasible access plan
  • Determine the best technical plan for intelligent realization

3. Product development
You only need to do:
  • Hardware docking design
We provide you with:
  • Guide the software and hardware development
  • Develop according to the project plan, feedback the progress in real time

4. Joint debugging
You only need to do :
  • Self-debugging samples
We provide you with:
  • Cooperate with customers to debug performance, stability, production feasibility, safety regulations and other aspects of software and hardware.
  • Make samples and deliver them

5. Production goes online
You only need to do:
  • Arrange trial production and mass production according to the normal process
    • We provide you with:
      • Arrange material preparation
      • Production test process design
      • Test manual
      • After Period support